Monday, March 8, 2010

A random post

 Thinking back of everything that has happened.
Everything that ever happened kept flashing through my mind.
Was it me? or was it just you?
I wish i had all the answers to all my uncountable questions i had in my mind.
Sometimes, i wish i could let go of everything.
Sometimes, forgiving and forgetting is not all that it takes.
Please tell me what am i suppose to do?

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Anybody is interested in my sony walkman w series

hey, there! how have you guys been?
Anyway i'm here to sell away my Sony Walkman W Series.
It is just 1 month old and the condition is perfect. Warranty Application Form is not filled in.
The validity of this warranty application form is till 25/10/2011.
i am letting it go at SGD$100.
Reciept will be given to you as purchase is made.
If you have any enquires please tag at the tag box .
For more specifications please visit

Here is a picture of my Sony Walkman W Series