Thursday, May 27, 2010

Life has never been fair

I wonder why life is isn't fair.
If life is fair, everybody looks the same and has the same height. isn't it?
and everybody has the same thought and interest etc.
isn't that boring ?
so having an unfair world will be so much interesting than a fair one
 which kept on going and competing around.
Isn't it cool with an unfair world?
You guys may think I'm mad,but I'm not !
Think about it why do god makes the world unfair, it has its own reason.
perhaps they wanted their show to be more interesting & exciting?

So be it !


Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bad surprising results

God will not give what you want, but god will give you a chance to have what you want


Sunday, May 16, 2010

Hopefully i could do it

wazsup guys, what have you guys been doing? Struggling with your exams?
Hope everybody did well for their exams.

"N-level" is just a few months away ! Guys stop what you're doing and get yourself into study!
Don't regret when what's done
I really wish that i would be able to do well in my "N-level" and achieve the result which i have been wanted all along.
So that i can get into a good school and the course i wanted.
This maybe the last chance for me to turn into the right track and i'm gonna treasure it.

Every time i closed my eyes, i start to be paranoid and imagine about my future life would be
how scary it is? isn't it . I don't want to be poor but i wanted to be a billionaire
 so i can buy all the things i had never or dream to have.