Sunday, May 16, 2010

Hopefully i could do it

wazsup guys, what have you guys been doing? Struggling with your exams?
Hope everybody did well for their exams.

"N-level" is just a few months away ! Guys stop what you're doing and get yourself into study!
Don't regret when what's done
I really wish that i would be able to do well in my "N-level" and achieve the result which i have been wanted all along.
So that i can get into a good school and the course i wanted.
This maybe the last chance for me to turn into the right track and i'm gonna treasure it.

Every time i closed my eyes, i start to be paranoid and imagine about my future life would be
how scary it is? isn't it . I don't want to be poor but i wanted to be a billionaire
 so i can buy all the things i had never or dream to have.



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